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026100 Pooh & Friends PHONE
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TeleMania POOH_FRIENDS 026100 Pooh & Friends PHONE
026100 Pooh & Friends PHONE - Animated talking telephone with Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore- Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore move- The friends engage in a conversation when phone rings (or when demo button is pressed)- Last number redial- Switchable ringer- Tone/pulse switchable- Demo button- Volume control- ETL listed and FCC approved- Hearing aid compatible- Requires 4 C batteries (not included)- The characters stand on a black telephone base, they are shown in their traditional colors- Pooh sits on a runaway broomstick horse while piglet holds on to the tail for dear life, Eeyore looks on- 4 Different conversations:
Piglet-"Hold on Pooh!"Pooh-"I am Piglet, but the horsey is not holding on to me!"Eeyore-"Don't suppose I'll get a turn."
Pooh-"Weeeee!"Eeyore-"Sure looks like fun."Pooh-"Yes Eeyore, it is!"Eeyore-"Not that I'll have any."
Pooh & Piglet - "Hooray!"Pooh-"I think we should have a fun day."Piglet-"Me too Pooh! How 'bout you Eeyore?"Eeyore-"Well maybe...Oh I doubt it."
Pooh-"Oh horsey I would like to stop!......PLEASE!"Piglet-"Hooray!"Eeyore-"Ohh Hum."


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